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An Assertive Advocate For People Facing Fraud Allegations

Understanding your options can be vital if the authorities have charged you with fraud. Effectively defending against these serious charges often requires a strategy tailored to your specific situation. Seeking the advice of an experienced lawyer is often the first step toward protecting yourself.

The Rondeau Law Firm has fought for the rights of the accused since 2011, and attorney Rondeau uses more than 30 years of defense experience to build sound legal strategies. This extensive experience gives him a deep knowledge of California law, allowing him to navigate financially complex criminal charges and provide insights to clients at every stage of a criminal investigation.

About Fraud Charges

Fraud occurs when a person uses deception to benefit themselves. These charges often involve the theft of money, but fraud charges could also involve other property. Fraud charges can take a wide variety of forms, including:

  • Identity theft – This offense occurs when someone claims to be someone they are not and uses their personal information for personal gain.
  • Mail fraud – Mail fraud is any fraudulent activity that involves the use of the postal service.
  • Wire fraud – Wire fraud is any form of fraud that involves electronic communication like phone calls, emails, social media messages or text messages.
  • Securities fraud – Financial professionals who misrepresent the value of stock could be guilty of securities fraud.

California courts take fraud charges very seriously, and people can face significant penalties even if their deception is unsuccessful. The consequences of a conviction could include providing restitution to victims, fines and prison time. With so much at stake, the accused deserve skilled guidance as they build their defense.

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