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Expunging Records To Create A Brighter Future in Los Angeles County

When you have a criminal record, the impact of a single mistake can follow you for years. Thankfully, California law allows people to clear their records through a process called expungement.

The Rondeau Law Firm understands that one mistake should not define who you are today. Attorney Rondeau uses more than 30 years of legal experience including time as a public defender to help people protect themselves from the impact of a criminal conviction. He is dedicated to helping people in El Segundo and the surrounding area expunge their criminal records and end the impact of past arrests or convictions.

Who Qualifies For Expungement?

California law allows you to expunge your criminal record if you meet certain requirements. These include:

  • You must have fulfilled the requirements of their sentence, including paying fines and completing probation.
  • You cannot have been incarcerated in state prison for your case.
  • You currently do not have a criminal case against you.
  • The charges you want expunged from your record were not for violent crimes, sex offenses or other serious offenses.

An experienced attorney can help you determine whether expungement is an option in your situation. They can also help you navigate the expungement process.

What Are The Benefits Of Expungement in El Segundo?

Past convictions can limit your options for employment and housing, impact your access to financial support and increase the cost of insurance. As a result, your criminal record could become an obstacle in many areas of your life.

An expungement removes arrests or convictions from the public record. As a result, future background checks will uncover only limited information about the charge. You will also no longer have to disclose your criminal record to employers.

Learn More About How Expungement Could Benefit You

You deserve to understand your legal options. A free consultation with The Rondeau Law Firm can offer insights and help you make informed decisions about your record and your future. Call 310-861-6008 or contact attorney Rondeau online to learn more. We provide legal representation for expungements throughout El Segundo, CA & Los Angeles county.