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Pushing Back Against Accusations Of Bribery, Kickbacks And Corruption

Charges for bribery, kickbacks and other forms of corruption can have far-reaching consequences. Jail time may limit your freedom. Fines may strain your finances. The damage to your reputation may restrict your career for years.

At The Rondeau Law Firm, attorney Rondeau knows what is at stake when you face allegations of corruption. With knowledge acquired over more than 30 years of defense experience, he creates robust and personalized defense strategies for people facing charges in California.

What Forms Could Corruption Allegations Take?

Because of the trust placed in people in a position of authority, the law strongly punishes people who misuse that position for personal gain. Some of the allegations that officials might face include:

  • Bribery – Bribery occurs when an official accepts payment or other benefits to influence their decisions or as incentives to violate policy. Offering a bribe and accepting a bribe are both violations of the law.
  • Kickbacks – Kickbacks are a form of bribery in which someone in a position of authority receives benefits for providing preferential treatment.
  • Embezzlement – When people are entrusted with money, using that money to enrich themselves instead of for its intended purpose could be a form of corruption.

Corruption can involve many criminal charges, and the penalties that the accused face will depend on their situation. For example, bribery of a public official is a felony offense that could lead to up to four years in state prison.

Because of the various forms that accusations of corruptions can take, the accused needs to seek guidance from an experienced criminal defense attorney. The right lawyer can help them build a strong defense based on the critical details of their case, protect their rights during the investigation and aggressively advocate for them both in and out of court.

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