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Examples of nursing errors that could lead to license revocation

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2024 | Professional License Defense

A nurse does not have to be perfect. He or she may make mistakes on the job. This is true for all healthcare professionals and, for that matter, professionals who work in other industries. Mistakes are going to happen.

However, some mistakes are so serious that a nurse could lose their license. This is especially true if it appears that the nurse was negligent and didn’t provide the proper level of care. What are some ways in which this could happen?

Medication errors

One example is if a nurse makes medication errors. Say that the nurse gives a patient the wrong dosage, so they overdose and have serious complications. Or maybe the nurse gets confused about which files they are looking at and they switch medications between two patients so that they both get the wrong one.

Documentation errors

Speaking of files, documentation is very important in the medical industry. A nurse who is neglectful and doesn’t keep proper records could cause serious harm to their patients. Miscommunication errors are one of the top reasons for medical malpractice, and failing to keep proper records could contribute to this issue.

Failing to provide care

Finally, a nurse may lose their license if it appears that they intentionally or neglectfully failed to care for their patients. Maybe they just didn’t uphold the proper standard of care. Maybe they skipped appointments that they were supposed to be present for. These are serious errors that can have a major negative impact on a person’s health.

What options do you have?

If you’re a nurse, you may certainly be worried about losing your license because it could potentially change the course of your career. If you are facing questions or you feel your license is in jeopardy, be sure you understand all of the legal steps you can take.