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What to do during a medical board investigation

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2024 | Professional License Defense

Getting on the wrong side of a medical board can be risky. Any complaint against you, be it unprofessional conduct, incompetence or gross negligence, can threaten your license. The agency in question will require a formal investigation of your case to determine the way forward.

Here is what to do during the investigation:

Respond to the notice of investigation

When you are under a medical board investigation, your case will be assigned to an investigator who will notify you of the complaint by telephone or in writing. 

It’s important to respond to this notice within the specified timeframe. If you need an extension to gather the needed information, consider seeking it. It’s also beneficial to respond promptly when you receive a subpoena. 

Not responding on time or giving an unprofessional response may disadvantage you.

Consider cooperating

The investigator will obtain your medical records, statements from you and any other information that can serve as evidence. They do this to determine if the complaint occurred. If it occurred, the evidence determines if you violated any regulations and if the violation is sufficient to support administrative action.

It’s crucial to cooperate to avoid worsening the matter. But be cautious with the extent to which you cooperate – you don’t want to make costly mistakes. You need to know your rights and options.

Attend interviews 

During a medical board investigation, a healthcare provider is usually interviewed. Consider attending the interview after learning more about your situation. You don’t want to provide answers or false information that can work against you. 

A medical board investigation aims to find sufficient evidence to warrant disciplinary action. Thus, you need to be extra careful about the steps to take. You need to make informed decisions to protect yourself and your career.