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What California doctors need to know about disciplinary actions

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2024 | Professional License Defense

The specter of possible medical board disciplinary action can be unnerving for physicians. Most doctors strive to practice diligently and ethically, but unwanted attention from the board is still possible.

Understanding the conduct or issues that could threaten your license and reputation is crucial to protecting them. With that goal in mind, here are some examples of conduct or situations that can result in investigation by the Medical Board of California (MBC).

A pattern of negligence

Here, negligence goes beyond a single instance of making a mistake while treating a patient. It occurs when a doctor repeatedly deviates from accepted medical standards, potentially putting patients at risk. Allegations of negligence lead many physicians into troubled waters. Examples include improper drug administration, ruling out beneficial tests and overlooking patient evaluation steps.

A pattern of incompetence

Of course, medical professionals must have the necessary skills and expertise to treat patients properly. Those who repeatedly demonstrate they lack the required skill set to care for patients could face an MBC investigation or discipline. Examples include misdiagnosing common ailments, not ordering essential procedures or the inability to manage chronic conditions effectively.

Ethical and legal lapses

Serious criminal convictions, misconduct involving patients and substance abuse issues can all trigger an MBC investigation. Treating patients and practicing medicine while impaired by drugs or alcohol will also raise a red flag with the board.

You can see the diverse actions that can land you before a medical board for possible disciplinary action. Remember, while this information provides a valuable overview to guide you, it is not exhaustive.

If you have specific concerns about your license, a legal representative may open a path to solutions that preserve your livelihood and right to practice medicine.